6 Inch Steel Tongue Drum Handpan Drum


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FeaturesMade of high-quality alloy steel material with fine finished surface delicate and corrosion resistant.Steel Tongue Drum also called Lotus Drum implies to be happy to forget sorrow. When playing it a clean ethereal Buddha-like sound will be reverberating in the air.In size of 6 inch with a total of 8 tones in C key the tongue drum has a adequate range of sound and can be played some simple music.Suit for a variety of fields such as music education percussion concert mind healing yoga meditation and so on.Having a sound stopper on the back with a hidden function changing the timbre of the Steel Tougue Drum. When sound stopper is installed the timbre is fuller and deeper the sustain tone is short suitable for playing modern pop music as sound stopper is disassembled the timbre is clearer louder and longer suitable for playing Chinese classical music.Package comes with drum mallets drum mallets holder music score carrying bag and drum wiping cloth as extra gifts.



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