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Solar Powered Dual Infrared Motion Sensor Detector

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FeaturesThis is a remarkable digital outdoor solar-power PIR alertor with sound and light indicationwhich can avoid external interfrence from sunshinehumiditydustinsects and wind also.This detector adopts very advanced technology as below direct analysis technology to intrusion PIR signal from digital high-speed micro-processordual-polarities detectiondirect adjustment to digital signal sensitivityfiltering technology to mixed rays from multi PIR channels etc.In a worldit39s stable in operation and advanced in functioncombined with its IP-65 water proof design.It39s suitable for operation in those areas needs sound and light remind such as foresthigh-tension poleparkwarehouse and docks etc.Optional voices are 16 bands and special voices can be OEMMOQ 500 sets1.No smoking and no firethanks2.Private areano trespassing3.Watch out No touching4.Watch outdeep water5.Keep away High voltage area6.Mind your step7.Attentionyou have entered forest areaNo fire please8.Attentionyou have entered a restricted areaplease fuck off.9.You are welcome.10.Keep away Dangerous area11.Sorryno dumping here12.No fishing and swimming13.No admittance without permission14.Pleasee keep off the grass15.No parkingconstantly in use16.Wu Wu Wu sirens



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