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Epever Tracer-AN Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller Epever LCD Display Charger Controller Solar Regulator 1224V DC

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FeaturesAdvanced MPPT technology with efficiency no less than 99.5.Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency.Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the maximum power point loss rate and loss time.Wide MPPT operating voltage range.Fine quality components perfecting system performance with maximum conversion efficiency of 98.Charging power and current limitation function.Wide PV array maximum power point operating voltage range.Accurate recognition and tracking of multiple-peaks maximum power point.Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.Battery temperature compensation function.Real-time energy statistics function.Overheating power reduction function.Multiple load work modes.The communication port adopts professional protection chip which can provide 5V DC power supply and has over-current and short-circuit protection.With RS-485 communication bus interface and Modbus communication protocol it is available to meet various communication requirements in different situations.Monitor and set the parameters via mobile phone APP or PC software.Full-load operation without any drop in capacity within the range of working environment temperature.Extensive electronic protection.With the adaptive three-stage charging mode based on a digital control circuit Tracer AN series controllers can effectively prolong the life-cycle of batteries significantly improve the system performance and support all-around electronic protection functions including overcharging and over discharging protection to minimize damages to components of the system caused by incorrect installation or system failure at the utmost.Effectively ensure safer and more reliable operation of the solar power supply system for a longer service time.This modular solar controller can be widely used for different applications e.g. communication base stations household systems and field monitoring etc.



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