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14.4V 18V 3A Charging Current Replacement Battery Charger for Makita

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FeaturesAdopt high-molecular eco-friendly material firm and stable anti-broken and can provides long service time.Large display design support current display voltage display electric quantity display while charging.Fast charging-universal 110-240V voltage input LED temperature gauge lighting multi protections it is easy and safe to work and energy-saving sleep mode protects the battery from damage.During the charging process the rapid optimum charger monitors actively controls the current voltage and temperature to optimizes battery life.Built-in 8 type protection over heating protection short circuit and battery protection over current protection overtime protection over charge protection leakage protection and over pressure protection.Self-carried with USB interface you can charge your phoning while charging the batteryUSB cable excluded.A built-in fan to cool the battery while charging lower the temperature of the battery and charger extended lifetime.Built-in music module quick charge and accompany with distinctive music.Compatible battery model18V BL1815/BL1820/BL1830/BL1840/BL1850/BL186014.4V BL1415/BL1430/BL1440/BL1450/BL1460



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