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VISLONE ADM92CL PRO Mini TRMS Dual Mode Multimeter

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features similar appearance complex parameters high and low prices. Have you ever thought about choosing a non-traditional multimeters they have different ways of doing things different display methods different feelings of use. Come and try this multimeter.FeaturesUpgraded design the upgraded multimeter – now more powerful it can be used as a multimeter or as a voltage detector. 6 LED indicators design makes it easy to judge the strength of the detected voltage.Dual mode operation it has the versatility of a traditional multimeter and the convenience of a pen-shaped multimeter.Color LCD display technology vibrant color display greatly enhances the reading experience – very easy to read even in bright sunlight or poor light conditions.3 colors 6 LED lights it can intelligently remind and display the existence of dangerous voltage which is the perfect combination of multimeter and voltage detector.High efficiency function switching you can switch all functions with one hand by spinning the knob or pressing the button complete in 1.5 seconds.Activate Valert NCV at any function activate Valert NCV at any function more efficient and safer.Intelligent to refrain burnout assembly recoverable fuse intelligent to refrain burnout.Define the latest design single-sided pen holder pocker detachable probe. Supports one-handed switching of all test functions. The operation is more convenient and quick.Back hook added the back hook which is convenient to carry.Function AC and DC voltage testing resistance and continuity testing diode testing capacitance testing frequency testing AC and DC current testing temperature testing data holding backlight automatic shutdown Valert dangerous voltage alarm sound and light alarm TRUE RMS 6000 counts automatic measurement.Functional integration test integration.Current is designed with no fusible fuse to reduce customer maintenance costs.Double jack design all gear positions are shared to refrain misoperation in multi-jack state.Optimized Valert dangerous voltage alarm function which can be activated by button in any gear position and can be detected by built-in probe or test leads.Alert button activates the function and the alert indicator turns on.6 voltage indicators are also synchronized to indicate voltage in AC and DC voltage gear positions. 6 lights also indicate the alert function.When the test value reaches 80 of the indicator value the gear position indicator lights up.



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