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NV0435 4X Infrared Night Vision Outdoor Use Monocular Telescope

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FeaturesThis product is a night vision instrument used to observe objects in dark or starlight and weak light.The observation distance of weak light is infinite and it can reach 300 meters in dark environment.This product has USB interface video output interface and TF card slot.Comes with one 16GB memory card.Fully functional time set up screen brightness adjustment infrared assisted light regulation landscape observation photograph playback record a video file delete monitors connection computer connection and etc..This product can be used in the day and night normal optical amplification 4 times electronic doubling up to 4 times.Equipped with infrared lighting suitable for use in own dark environment.When the environment is dark the brightness of the auxiliary light source can be adjusted according to the distance and distance of the observed object.The night vision instrument uses low illuminance sensor when the environment has certain light sourcesuch as street lamp moonlight star light can not turn on the auxiliary light source just need to adjust the focal length of the objective lens properly make the observation object clear.Built-in 1700mAh large capacity rechargeable lithium battery auxiliary light source can be used continuously for about 2.5 hours when on auxiliary light source can be used continuous for about 5.5 hours when off.Equipped with one storage bag you can take it around with you easily.



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