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Multifunctional Color WiFi Weather Station APP Control Smart Weather Monitor

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FeaturesEasy connection between the wather station and your smartphone with setting video. Data collects from Internet more convenient and accurate.Time and date automatic setting from Internet. Time in optional 12/24 hour format. Can be as a daily alarm with snooze function. Day of week in 8 languages user selectable English German Italian French Spanish Dutch Danish and Russian.Today and the next 4 days weather forecasting. Can display indoor/outdoor temperature and humidityC or F barometric pressure wind speed and frost alert.Wind speed alternatively in km/h or Mph. Minimum/Maximum display for air humidity and temperature. Trend display of air pressure temperature and humidity.4 levels brightness backlight select with power adapter. Backlight only keep lighting with power adapter. If weather station runs with battery only backlight only active for 15 second by press the LIGHT button it may a little hard to see the display without backlight.Up to 3 remote sensors connect roasting display 3 room weather data. Only 1 sensor included. 60 meter transmission range in an open area.USB Charging port for electronic devices.



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