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Intelligent WIFI Curtain Blind Switch Electric Motorized Curtain Roller Shutter Control Switch

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FeaturesIntelligent home automation with the powerful functional intelligent curtain switch we are easily able to transform our house into an intelligent one. Intelligently control our curtains in a much easier and smarter way. Besides it can work with intelligent curtain motor or roller shutter to realize automation for all curtains at home. Simply add motorized shades or other similar devices to your intelligent home with intelligent curtain motor. the curtain motor is not included in the packageControl from anywhere control the curtains anytime from anywhere with your phone using SmartLife APP. Close the curtain automatically when you are away from home.Hands-free voice control compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to voice your curtains lead you a more intelligent and convenient life.Multi-scenario matching matching different kinds of curtains such as window blinds rolling blinds venetian blinds. Install the intelligent curtain switch in a lot of places like office study bedroom living room ect. even control the awning in your yard.Schedules and countdown set schedules to control the curtains on your own timetable. Automatically open your curtain at the time you get up and close the curtain when you go to bed. When you take a nap set a countdown to open the curtains to wake you up.You can control multiple devices with one mobile phone or you can control one device with multiple mobile phones to share with your family.



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