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Homebrew CO2 Mini Gas Regulator 0-30PSI Keg Charger with 38 Thread for Beer Keg Brewing

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FeaturesMade of aluminum small and delicate design make it use in many portable regulator and without bulky CO2 gear.0-30psi this regulator is more precise than all other mini regulators and accepts most sizes of CO2 cartridges.Insert the CO2 cartridge connect the ball lock or pin lock disconnect set an appropriate pressure value and attach to your keg.Two-stage regulation technology ultra-high precision and stable regulation made of aluminum featuring maximum protection from drops bumps scratches and scrapes.Can be used to dispense or to carbonate beverages perfect for homebrewers to carbonate their brew and then later dispense it from their container.It is fit for 3/8 threaded CO2 canister stable and with high precision.Simple and refined non-slip stripes for ultimate haptic experience makes non-slip knobs simpler and more comfortable.Small and heavy duty regulatordraft system power precision dial and adjustment knob for maintaining an exact pressure.It takes only 3 minutes to install and enjoys a new pressure regulator in the coming month.



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