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FNC88 Type-C PD Trigger USB-C Voltmeter Ammeter Voltage 2 Way Current Meter Multimeter PD Recharger Battery USB Tester with 0.96 Inch High-definition LCD Screen

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FeaturesReal-time detection of electrical appliances charging status voltage current power and other indicators at a glance.Testers are widely used in Type-c interfaces and quality inspection of 3c digital peripheral products is the first choice for digital gamers and electronic enthusiasts.Real-time monitoring of charging status to protect charging equipment for charging devices such as chargers and mobile power supplies multiple data displays on one screen to meet diverse testing needs.Functions screen flip data storage fast charge recognition energy capacity detection temperature measurement screen off function accuracy measurement low internal resistance and wide voltage two-way charging fast charging decoy.FNC88 uses 0.96-inch IPS high-definition color LCD display 160 degrees wide angle high brightness long working life so that you can enjoy the clear color delicate natural display screen from ang angle.Two-way data measurement data can be measured separately via USB plug and mobile phone.4-bit accuracy more accurate measurements the FNC88 uses professional instrument sampling circuitry internally plus a particular accuracy algorithm to ensure product accuracy and stability at the hardware and software levels.Fast charging decoy widely compatible. One button automatic detection recharger supports fast charging protocol QC2.0/QC3.0/FCP/SCP/AFC/PD3.0.Power off storage data is guaranteed. FNC88 has the function of power-off storage. When the mobile power supply is cut off it can store capacity and energy data which is convenient for subsequent viewing and capacity energy measurement of the mobile power supply.Measuring load equivalent impedance power clearly understand the impedance of the load and the current discharge power better grasp the range of use of the load more convenient and faster.Measuring the quality of the recharger connect the same load no load and load comparison the greater the voltage drop indicating that the recharger is less loaded the worse the quality the voltage drop is not obvious or the voltage is high indicating that the recharger is loaded the better the quality.Internal real-time temperature monitoring high accuracy thermistor sensor which can measure the ambient temperature and master the working status of the tester in real time.Human-computer interactive interface high-definition display simple interface innovative features.Both inside and outside are small body big energy. The protective film is wear-resisting and scratch-proof.



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