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FG218 Single Beam Automatic Door Safety Beam Sensor

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FeaturesMicrocomputer control technology system integration is high strong stability.International universal optical lens design focus controlled angle is rational easy to install on the radio.Send and receive a special code using microcomputer technology transmitting and receiving range anti-interference ability.From Germany to receive filtering decoding amplification system effective solution to anti-interference of natural daylight.Emission heads adopts low-power high pulse emission technology transmission distance low power consumption long life for the camera.A single group or two groups split lens connected transceiver input connection and fine shielding Available with a beam of light can also be a controlled double-light.Light block trigger the output can be flexibly select normally open or normally closed contact signal.Design of wide input voltage 12-36V AC-DC power input is valid.Specific considerationsElectric eye installation holes of 13mm.UV light it is recommended that the ground installation height 0.6m.Double beam of light a set of installation height 0.3m another group of height 0.9m.Select UV light the light emitted must be received in the eyehead 8 spell Terminal master transceiver otherwise it will cause the control failure.Send and receive on the magic eye usually between the heads should be careful not to put a bonsai or other pilling up so as not to cause blocking maloperation.This system has fine resistance to natural light interference ability but when installing you should avoids strong sunlight direct lrra diate positive electric eyehead.To ensure the sensor beam height above ground not less than 0.2m.



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