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200W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 220V AC Sine Wave Converter with USB Charger for Smartphone Household Appliances Power Switch Control

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Features200W High Power Inverter — Premium 200w car power inverter with USB ports and AC outlets converts 12V DC car battery power to standard 220V AC.Multi-Protection — High efficency power converting protect the car battery life. Automatic warning when the DC input is lower than 1.6V and automatic shut-off when lower than 10.0V. Self-protection when overloading and high temperature. Led indicator for low DC input.Self-protection against overloading and needing restarted manually. Power Switch protection on high temperature.Versatile Use — USB ports can charge most phones and tablets simultaneously while AC outlets great for charging laptop nebulizer game console kindle DVD players lights and other electronic devices.Compact Design — Mini handheld size portable and light weigh easy for carry on. Compact body features USB port AC outlet led indicator and power switch for convenience output control.Premium Quality — Adopt eco-friendly PC materials with high fire resistance of E glass durable plastic case provides advanced protection from drops and bumps. Intelligent inverter fan makes the car power inverter very silent when operating.Method of application1. Plug the cigarrette lighter to the car socket and plug your device to the AC outlet of the inverter.2. Turn on the switch of the power inverterthe green light will be on then turn on your device.Precaution 1. To avoid overload the current please ensure that the current to use will not exceed the rated current of the power inverter and make sure the negative pole of the DC 12V car battery is grounded.2. A fuse with 15A rated current is with the car to protect the cigarette lighter. And the max wattage is 180W for such car 15A12V.3. Using it with full load for long time may hurt the fuse of the car so please try not to use it with full load in case emergency don39t use it more than an hour with full load.4. If the abnormal sound is emitted it indicates that the voltage of your car battery is lower than 10.6V you need to start the automative engine to charge the battery. If the red indicator of the power inverter is onplease turn off the switch immeddiately as it indicated overloading. The self-protection funciton is generated automatically. Disconnect the device and switch off the power supply. Don39t use it before it has cooled down.5. Ensure that the power load is less than 70 of the rated current of the power inverter. Use the inverter in a ventilated enviroment maintain its function.



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