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Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer Upgraded Version With High Precision


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FeaturesCreality Ender 3X 3D Printer has a high printing accuracy of 0.1mm achieving near-perfect 3D printing effects.The print size of Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer is 220220250mm which can easily complete various complex large-size 3D model printing requirements.The MK-10 extruder of Creality Ender 3X can easily melt and extrude different materials greatly reducing the risk of clogging and bad extrusion.Creality Ender 3X can achieve a hot bed temperature of 110 in 5 minutes realizing the need for rapid heating and printing of various 3D filament.The CNC machining of the Y-shaped rail mounting groove can ensure precise positioning and keep the frame stable. The model can be processed efficiently accurately and economically.Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer adopts a V-groove linear bearing system and wheel moving parts super noiseless and smooth printing performance.Big hand-tightening nuts of Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer which can easily be manually turned to adjust the height to adjust the flatness of the platform.Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer has a power safety protection function and a control system to resume printing after a power failure which can save printing materials and time and the printed model is perfect.Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer is compatible with various 1.75mm printing filaments such as PLA ABS TPU etc.Creality Ender 3X 3D Printer has a wide range of applications it can be used in home appliances power tools handicraft manufacturing and children39s toys architectural design parts manufacturing etc it is a good assistant for individuals families and offices.NoticeMake the platform flat and the model easy to take.



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