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CREALITY CR-10S Pro 3D Printer Upgraded Auto Leveling DIY Self-assembly Kit


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FeaturesCREALITY CR-10S Pro 3D Printer has a simple and beautiful appearance and it can be easily assembled in two steps. Twoways of leveling support automatic leveling and manual auxiliary leveling comprehensive measurement intelligent induction 25-point matrix dynamic leveling compensation large nut design making manual leveling more convenient and labor-saving.Imported blue high temperature resistant Teflon tube feeds more smoothly improves printing efficiency and prints more finely.CREALITY CR-10S Pro has a BONDTECH dual gear extruder high gear density strong extrusion force double feed speed to ensure smooth feeding.High-quality brass nozzles ensure uniform spit out filaments and reduce material consumption.Material break detection function sensitive sensing real-time detection CREALITY CR-10S Pro 3D Printer creatively added a material break detection switch high detection sensitivity automatic shutdown when the material is broken energy saving and consumption reduction.Resume function after power failure. The CR-10S Pro is equipped with a power protection device it has a power-off resuming printing function. Dont afraid of unexpected power-off during printing it will automatically continue printing after restarting and the printing results will not be affected.Neatly single-row cable design the connection between the base and the X-axis component is designed as a single-row cable connection which is neat and not messy making it more compact and beautiful.Z-axis double screw synchronous movement is more stable the printing effect is better and the precision is higher.High-quality brand power supply with 480W wide voltage which compatible with 100V-240V input voltage the power supply is stable safe and reliable.Independently developed V2.4.1 mainboard has a 4-layer PCB board uses solid-state capacitor filtering increases ESD static protection performance and is more stable TMC ultra-quiet drive 256 subdivided printing layers higher accuracy.Color high-definition full touch screen spacious screen printing status various functions and parameter settings are clearly displayed.Excellent hotbed rapid temperature rise heating to 100C only takes 5 minutes.



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