Anet ET4 3D Printer Metal Frame Structure


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FeaturesThe whole machine is designed with a metal frame high-quality and stable metal structure neat appearance and small space occupation.Anet ET4 3D Printer has excellent cable management capabilities. The cables and terminals are neatly hidden in a metal box under the print bed.Anet ET4 3D Printer with pre-assembly mode and modular design it can be installed and used in just 10 minutes save time and effort.Offline upgrade function only need to connect the upgrade file to the 3D printer through the memory card to complete the upgrade.Two leveling methods an automatic leveling sensor which automatically selects 25 points for alignment and leveling or you can level the hotbed manually.The printing platform is equipped with an aluminum substrate hotbed and tempered glass. It is easy to remove the 3D printing model from the platform and the hotbed can be quickly heated to 100 degrees in 5 minutes.The brand-new industrial-grade chip control motherboard has a fast running speed and powerful functions. It has over-current protection overload protection thermal runaway protection and other functions which enhances the safety of printing.Filament detection sensor Anet ET4 knows when the filament is used up it will automatically stop printing and prompt us to add new materials.Anet ET4 can intelligently save the printing progress in the case of power failure andcontinue printing from where it stopped when power is on.Anet ET4 3D Printer provides a 2.8-inch responsive color touch screen users can easily set various printing parameters.Clicking the screen it can realize the function of automatically feeding or retreating the filament.The ultra-quiet TMC2208 stepping driver and the precision rollers on the X and Y axis can achieve ultra-quiet operation.



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